Thomas Timmins

Author website for Thomas Timmins from Western Massachusetts and his three part novel, The Hour Between One and Two that features Blood Medicine, The Special Fruit Company and Down at the River, all comedic mysteries set in small town upstate New York at a tofu factory. 


I somehow won the genes-and-family lottery when I inherited a natural happiness coupled with a skeptical eye and a drive to “do be do.” 

Despite numinous gifts of love and energy, my magic carpet has slipped out from under me many times. I believe pulling out of those nosedives gave me the confidence to write and write. 

I developed and taught writing and coaching programs for youth artists, adult writers and adult inmates. I’ve published poetry and fiction and performed work in person across the U.S., in numerous print magazines and on the Internet. With poet friends, I founded Fractals, a literary tabloid, and with musician friends, I ran Poets and Players, a community performance series, and I write a lot. 

My day jobs, the pylons holding up the wires powering my artistic life, include founding and managing small businesses ranging from soy foods to ice cream to telephone fundraising to biological pest control to energy efficiency and solar retrofits and a media company. 
Some might think so many business and writing projects reveal an innate instability, ‘tis true. I admit to restlessness and endless curiosity about this mysterious world and the Crooked Paths we all meander.