Thomas Timmins

Author website for Thomas Timmins from Western Massachusetts and his three part novel, The Hour Between One and Two that features Blood Medicine, The Special Fruit Company and Down at the River, all comedic mysteries set in small town upstate New York at a tofu factory. 

The Special Fruit Company 

In small town Clement, NY, Genevieve O’Connor, American Tofu’s top sales executive, struggles to keep her boss and friend, Charlie Greer, from losing the business and his mnd. While Charlie is under investigation for murder of a female employee, Benko Gladonov, the “Russian Sausage,” tofu production manager and Genevieve’s secret ex-lover, tries to take control of the company and her family by terrifying Genevieve and her 11-year old son, Liam.

Chang Meng, known in supermarket circles as the “Emperor of Hunts Point” produce distribution center in New York, invites Charlie to participate in a wildly profitable but morally dubious venture guaranteed to make Charlie independently wealthy.

Fearing for her and Liam’s future, Genevieve turns to Gianni Giordano, good friend, and the love of her life, who’s married, lives in Manhattan and several other elite places, and constantly invites her into to his luxurious bed.

Aaron Buhrman, “The Chief,” a canny small town meat-and-potatoes investigator, brings the tofu hotpot to a boil as he stumbles his way toward a truth that could ruin the lives of Charlie, Genevieve, their families, and the entire world of American Tofu. 

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