Thomas Timmins

Author website for Thomas Timmins from Western Massachusetts and his three part novel, The Hour Between One and Two that features Blood Medicine, The Special Fruit Company and Down at the River, all comedic mysteries set in small town upstate New York at a tofu factory. 

I was just laughing, Ghazals and Sonnets

We returned to the woods from a three-day journey
through the dizzy land of the casino.
Today’s a Saturday morning resurrection.

Somewhere in my family DNA, a Christian
sings the Sermon on the Mount,
the only words in the Book that matter.

Across the web, Mozart thrills anyone who needs,
who dares to listen. In every note, he sacrificed his life,
as if he had no cares about legacy.

Little Billie watches me with pensive, smiling eyes.
I have her photo on my wall to help me keep my head
out of the sand.

Admit it, Tommy, your dreams when you fly without wings
come true when you love.  Nothing else in this world
brings such Exhilaration.