Thomas Timmins

Author website for Thomas Timmins from Western Massachusetts and his three part novel, The Hour Between One and Two that features Blood Medicine, The Special Fruit Company and Down at the River, all comedic mysteries set in small town upstate New York at a tofu factory. 

Desert Dust Music, a love story

He has the most beautiful hands.  Long fingers, arced tips, black hair shiny as crow’s feathers on his knuckles, palms webbed with fine lines.  Grinning, he says the tangle of lines means he’s ultra-sensitive.  He’s sensitive, but not the way you’d expect.  I say “You’re shallow.” he shrugs.  I tease him until he’s turned on, then make a married woman’s excuse and split.  He smiles.  Always eager to see me, never mentions I'm married.  Sensitive like the fox.  Hangs around after dark, knows when he’s getting too close and when it’s time to leave.  I leave.  I keep coming back.